Finally You Can Stop Eczema From Ruining Your Life --
(Especially If You’ve Tried Everything And Nothing Worked)
If you think Eczema is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of, think again…most people are only a few tweaks away from stopping the flare ups for good and having healthy, glowing skin. Continue reading if you're interested.
If you’re anything like most of the patients in my clinic, Eczema can make you feel hopeless - like it'll never go away. 
Maybe you’ve tried remedy after remedy... only to be left with itchy, red, inflamed skin that won’t heal. It can feel embarrassing to have these lesions all over your skin. I’ve been here too. Maybe you’ve opted to stay home and avoid socializing or worn long sleeves in summer so no one would see your horrible breakouts. 

That’s where I come in. I’m Dr. Stephanie Davis and I’ve been helping complex cases like yours in my clinic for the last 10 years. Read on and I’ll show you exactly what to do (and not do) to FINALLY put a stop to Eczema.

The first thing we need to do is understand what you’re dealing with...
Here Are Four Common Strategies That Never Work, 
But The Well-Meaning “Health Experts” Usually Recommend:
Most of the patients in my clinic have used steroids in the past… or they’re using them when they come to us. They’re usually the first step for conventional practitioners treating Eczema.  

Using steroids, whether topical such as hydrocortisone cream or oral such as prednisone, turns off the body’s natural inflammatory response. This is actually counter-productive for a couple of reasons. 

First, the inflammatory response is something that’s actually needed to be healthy and is required to heal your Eczema. Second, while using steroids can provide temporary relief of itching and redness, they actually weaken the integrity of your skin making it more vulnerable to damage.

Not only that, but it doesn’t ACTUALLY address the root cause of what’s making the Eczema worse in the first place.
Antihistamines are usually the second step for conventional practitioners… and sometimes they work for a brief moment, but the devastating breakouts come back with a vengeance.

They work by blocking the action of the inflammatory chemical histamine. 

The problem here is that Eczema is caused by a cocktail of inflammatory chemicals, not just histamine, so blocking one inflammatory pathway may help a little but definitely won’t cure it. 

Taking antihistamines usually leads to more frustration and anger since it only provides a short term solution and doesn’t always work for everyone. But similar to taking steroids, again, the antihistamines just mask the symptoms and don’t address the root causes. 
3. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is something many of the patients in my clinic have read about on Google, and it’s the most common alternative practice.  

Coconut oil is one of nature’s best remedies with its immune modulating and anti-inflammatory effects, however for most Eczema sufferers it’s going to take more than that. 

Its moisturizing ability is often not enough for highly damaged skin leaving you unsatisfied and wanting something more soothing. Additionally, it’s ability to calm down the immune system are often felt more when it’s consumed.  
4. Drugstore Lotions
Cetaphil, CeraVe, Eucerin, and Aqueous Cream are commonly recommended as moisturizers to eczema sufferers. 

Unfortunately the creams often contain one or more ingredients such as propylene glycol, sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), dimethicone, isopropyl palmitate, or parabens... which are known irritants to skin. 

If you have Eczema, you definitely don’t want to be applying irritants to your skin that will only exacerbate the situation. 

Most conventional doctors will recommend medications, lotions, lukewarm baths, and non-irritating clothing because they’re unaware of the root causes underlying eczema. 

What’s missing from each of these 4 strategies?

None of them address the REAL cause… the key to healing Eczema is to identify and fix the root causes giving you the condition in the first place. 

This method flips conventional wisdom on its head by healing from the inside-out approach, rather than an outside-in view. 

Yes, it’s important to have symptomatic relief of itching while trying to heal yourself, but if you want to stop the itch for good you’ll need to do some digging. 
Sadly most health care practitioners don’t understand that Eczema is indeed an autoimmune condition or know what tests to run leaving you to research and treat yourself. But it’s frustrating and confusing to know exactly what to do with all of the free advice on the internet.
Here Are 3 Important Steps You Can Take Now 
to Start Reversing Eczema:

Remove Dairy
Dairy is the most common food that causes sensitivities in autoimmune conditions, including Eczema. 

Food triggers are often some of the most potent triggers you encounter daily because you eat many times per day and often eat the same foods. This can cause a constant assault on the gut resulting in high levels of inflammation which can show up on the skin as Eczema. 

Remove dairy for 30-days and you should notice your flare ups simmer down. The most common sources of dairy are milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter, cream, buttermilk, sour cream, and formula. It can also be lurking in processed foods (salad dressing, chocolate, candy, baking mixes, etc.), some dietary supplements and as a binder or filler in medications. Reading labels is key. 

Take cold showers
Taking hot showers wreaks havoc on your skin in various ways. It strips the oils from your skin, weaken the protective barrier and leaving you prone to irritation like Eczema. It also kicks up the inflammatory response in your body by dilating blood vessels and causing redness which is why some people itch after a long, hot shower. 

Instead, start off with a lukewarm setting and slowly dial it down to see how cold you can comfortably tolerate. This will help decrease inflammation and spare the oils in your skin. See if you can start with 30 seconds to 1 minute of cold water and work up from there.

Identify and fix the root causes of Eczema. 
We now know that Eczema is an autoimmune based condition. This is actually good news if you’re stuck in the cycle of steroids, antihistamines, and treatments that just don’t work. Autoimmune conditions have lots of research behind solving them and we can use targeted lab testing to identify the causes treat those issues. 

In my 10 years of practice, over and over I’ve seen that if we find the sources or root causes of your Eczema, we can treat them and the problem fades away. This is exactly how I unraveled the Eczema puzzle for myself too.

How to Stop Your Eczema Once and For All
It’s all about fixing the root causes. The key to healing and reversing Eczema (or any autoimmune condition) is resolving all of the underlying causes, but it can be tedious, hard work when you go at it alone. Working under the guidance of a trained practitioner eliminates frustration and endless hours of guess work. 

We know that to manifest an autoimmune condition 3 criteria must be met: genetic predisposition, a leaky gut, and environmental triggers. A detailed history and targeted laboratory testing are necessary to identify the root cause triggers. 

Many of my patients have 3-5 root causes and aren’t aware of most of them.
The 7 Most Common Root Causes of Eczema Are: 
Which of these do you have?
(Most people don't know without the proper advanced testing which gives us the answers we need)
  •  Leaky Gut 
  •  GI Infections/Dysbiosis
  •  Food Sensitivities and Allergies
  •  Hormonal Imbalances (adrenal, thyroid, or sex hormones)
  •  Vitamin and Nutrient Deficiencies or Excesses
In order to take control of Eczema, and stop the symptoms once and for all, we have to approach this like reversing an autoimmune disease… and that starts with treating the root causes.

Most conventional practitioners continue to prescribe medications and recommend topical treatments that only help the symptoms in the short term… and if you’re tired of the emotional roller coaster that comes with Flare Ups, then you’re ready to dig deeper and fix the root causes.

If you’d like to get 1-on-1 help troubleshooting which root causes are contributing to your Eczema, and get a specific plan to reverse this condition, the first step is to book a 1-hour “Eczema Root Cause Troubleshooting Session”.

During the appointment, we’ll do an in depth review your history, choose the appropriate tests for your case, and start you on a healing plan to support your symptoms while addressing your root causes.

If you’re ready to STOP your Eczema, and FINALLY treat the root causes making you sick, click the link below to book your troubleshooting session with us today.

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Detailed History
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Identify your root causes
Through our functional medicine evaluation we’ll narrow down your individual root causes. We’ll put together a short term plan right after the call to get you started. After we receive the lab results we’ll map out a long term plan to heal your eczema.

"I look forward to working with you and handling this in your life once and for all."
In Vibrant Health,
Dr. Stephanie
Dr. Stephanie Davis, DC, is a passionate clinician, microbiologist, and published researcher that is committed to educating patients so they can improve their own health. After years of dealing with inadequate treatment of hormone and autoimmune challenges, as well as her husband’s Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, she was determined to help others do the digging required to identify the root causes and treatments that were not presented to her. Using a functional medicine approach to assess the entire person and investigate the root causes provides a platform for her to do this.  

Dr. Davis works with clients in a collaborative effort to uncover the details of the root causes- the “what’s, when’s, where’s, why’s, and how’s,” that illustrate each patient’s journey and point to solutions. Her education and experience as a clinician, microbiologist, researcher, and overcoming her own eczema and autoimmune challenges gives her a unique perspective on patient care and treatment. 


“I’ve been working with Stephanie for the last two years. She was recommended to me and I’m so glad she was. With all the improvements made to my health, I wish that I could’ve had her help years ago. Since we started working together I feel like I have control of my health for the first time.

In the past, I worked with traditional MDs who saw my multiple issues (eczema, acne, constipation, adrenal fatigue, brain fog) as unrelated and provided treatments that did little to help me or in some cases made it worse. When I asked if food could be causing or making my problems worse, I was told a firm no that what I ate had nothing to do with it. Feeling that I wasn’t getting the help I needed, I decided to figure it out on my own. I did have some success which encouraged me to keep going, but I found that I could only take it so far on my own. After meeting Stephanie, she took what I started and dramatically expanded on it. With her help I’ve made significant progress.
I like that she looks at not just the individual symptoms but everything as an interconnected whole. She takes into consideration my health history, my family health history, stress, sleep habits, hormones, activity and exercise levels, and what I eat. Many of my health issues started in childhood, and after decades of little to no help, Stephanie is not just providing me with the answers but giving me effective solutions.” - Pam W.

“Every doctor I went to thought I was crazy for thinking that my low energy, skin issues, constipation, and crazy hormones were related. That was until I met Dr. Stephanie through the recommendation of a friend. After years of being frustrated I finally found someone who got it. She explained the connections between the gut, immune system, skin, and hormones. She also explained that my diet could be causing my symptoms (something I was told wasn’t the case by my doctors). Through her process she helped me connect all of the dots.

During our 10 months together, Dr. Stephanie resolved my adrenal fatigue, GI infections, rashes and eczema. I discovered I was not only sensitive to gluten and dairy, but histamine too. Today I have clear skin, energy, and I sleep much better thanks to her guidance, understanding, and teaching. She not only helps you on your healing journey, but gives you tools you can take with you in the future.” - Chris 
“Dr. Stephanie Davis is TERRIFIC!! I would highly recommend her! I have worked with her for one year now and have almost completely resolved my health issues!! We were able to successfully heal my adrenals, improve my sleep, eliminate H. Pylori and yeast overgrowth. 

During my work with her, I did an elimination diet to definitively identify beyond a shadow of a doubt all the foods that were still causing me problems. Eliminating all the gluten cross-reactive proteins were key to eliminating my inflammatory symptoms.

I have 30+ years medical training & experience, am a certified nutritional consultant, have read more than 40 health books, and have worked with numerous medical professionals in the past 10 years trying to improve my health, and Stephanie is by far the BEST!
She is knowledgeable, flexible, respectful, understanding, and will be a steady, reliable, caring partner in finding your best health!!!” - Wendy B.
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2017 Dr. Stephanie Davis